"The music choices are impeccable . In fact, the music is a defining feature of this film. Each song, each tune, is perfectly written to match the mood and emotions in a particular scene."

-The Arts Guild-

We had the opportunity to write some new music and songs for the feature film, "Lost On Purpose".

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The story takes place in the fertile, San Joaquin Valley.  Fueled by gin and sheer determination, Elizabeth James operates her third generation dairy farm outside the region's domineering co-ops.  To help keep the place afloat, she's employed five renegade ranch hands.  Together, they fight for love, pride and a vanishing way of life.  

The film stars Jane Kaczmarek, C. Thomas Howell, James Lafferty, Aaron Hill, Dale Dickey, Academy Award Winner Octavia Spencer and All The Real Girls lead singer, Peter Donovan.